Study Dave Portnoy Total reaction to Accusations to be a ‘Sexual Deviant’

Barstool Sports creator Dave Portnoy declined accusations made by two ladies which he had non-consensual sex with them—including one lady just who said she had been very despondent after sleep with him that she needed to be hospitalized.

On Thursday, companies Insider stated that several unnamed females had satisfied with Portnoy at his Nantucket room and presumably engaged in sexual experiences that turned violent and humiliating. One accuser outlined sense like a “human sex doll” which she ended up being “literally shouting in discomfort,” while another woman said she turned depressed to the level where the girl mama called the police.

Portnoy refuted he is ever before engaged in intimate behavior that was non-consensual. He said in an 11-minute video clip uploaded on Twitter your first time he had been conscious of anything “unseemly” in regards to the two encounters was actually once the companies Insider piece ended up being released.

The guy accused the reporter of creating a narrative before also creating the article and expenses months looking until she found tales that suit the section she planned to compose.

The Barstool recreations founder incorporated direct communications with among the many ladies from after they slept along, deploying it as evidence that their allegations against your weren’t correct. He mentioned he had absolutely no way to show their innocence inside the other encounter as it ended up being a “he said/she stated” circumstances.

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Look for his complete reaction below:

Okay, therefore, Business Insider finally published the success section that’s been eight period inside the producing on me. Not the normal success bit. Not the typical things about laughs we generated, video we have made, facts we have now complete at Barstool. This is exactly a lot more really serious accusations. Portraying me personally, painting me personally truly as a sexual deviant. Big sh*t. Therefore, attorneys have-been conversing with myself, panels, ‘you should say this, do not claim that.’ Listen, I dismissed everything they said. I’ll would everything I always create. I am simply going to tell the reality. Shoot from hip and show how personally i think and where I’m at.

No composed comments, no preplanned activities, just myself getting me. Its struggled to obtain me for 20 years and I determine reality.

Why don’t we start out with that I am not amazed this information arrived. I did not understand what will be inside it but also for eight several months I got every single girl I’ve been remotely connected with, women i am aware, girls i have hooked up with, babes I don’t know, women that have published Tik Tok’s about me personally are like, ‘Hey only heads up there’s a reporter digging around generally inquiring about your intimate behaviors. Basically like, has the guy done any such thing dirty with you? Does he make an effort to help you to repeat this? All attempting to make it seem like the story had been created like they may be attempting to depict you a certain method.’ We have a lot of babes with noted that that was their particular dialogue with that reporter.

Today, I still had been like since the several months went by perhaps this can never emerge because i am rather confident in myself personally. I’m sure I never ever accomplished anything unusual with a woman ever. Never ever anything remotely nonconsensual thus I was wishing possibly she only couldn’t find it. They became evident she would consistently search and enjoy and search whether or not it got four months, eight several months or eight years to meet her narrative she got already selected before she also begun this information.

From day one, I don’t know the reason why she chose to do it, i am aware cancel heritage was coming for me for 10 years, this is just next version. But she know exactly what free bbw dating sites she was going to write and she would discover story to suit it from day one. Most of all, let’s get right to the two accusations which are jarring and in case I browse all of them not knowing myself, I would be like this guy belongs behind bars basically.

First allegation is largely a girl that came to my house in Nantucket latest July. Like a year and half ago and is claiming we had sex it actually was thus crude she was screaming sobbing in serious pain, ‘stop, stop,’ she recalls then like 2 days later attained off to this lady buddy and said she felt like a sex doll during sex. Predicated on that story of this facts I would personally posses absolutely zero idea who we’re referring to.

But said July there is a passage having said that she slept back at my sofa soon after we hooked up. That role, the settee part, and once you understand with regards to was, there’s one lady i really could ever remember exactly who slept on a couch and not beside me. Soon after we got chatted for a month and a half on the internet and we appreciated this lady, I was thinking she was really appealing, pretty, spectacular, engaging female and that’s why she emerged but i really do keep in mind one woman sleep from the settee. Therefore I moved and checked our very own past DMs which part that claims she achieved down, ‘hey pizza guy’ and that I hit out ‘hey fly b***h.’ I might have never recognized that We said ‘fly b***h,’ I really don’t say that. She ended up being wear a ‘hey travel b***h top or ‘fly b***h top when she initial DMed me personally that is certainly how I reacted, whatever.



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