Solitary mum earns $18K by dating strangers to offer child an improved life. an uncommon option for a task nonetheless it assists her household

Kelly claims the uncommon task has made her a much better mum but insists this woman is no “gold digger”.

A single mum has attained $18,000 by dating strangers in a bid to give her only child a far better life.

Serial dater, Kelly Popilek, 37, has attended countless dates with men – who pay money for her company in the dinning table – to make certain her child, Ariana, 10, leads her life that is best.

With the cash that is extra buy Kelly’s college materials, clothing, and home bills, Kelly is looking to motivate other mums to accomplish exactly the same.

An uncommon option for a work nonetheless it assists her household

Kelly, from California, United States, would like to inform you that simply because she dates for cash that she’s not really a digger’ that is‘gold.

Kelly claims this woman is a better mum as a result of her uncommon task. Image: Caters Information

The solitary mum, who additionally operates a proper property company, has utilized the web site WhatsYourPrice for 2 years and has now since received $18,000 from dating strangers. It is perhaps maybe maybe not the essential typical option to earn extra cash, but it is something she does not have any motives of stopping any time in the future due to the possibilities it offers her small family members.

“ we prefer the cash from date to fund bills, clothing, meals, college materials and everyday things for my daughter,” Kelly stated.

“I’ve earnt around $18,000 from dating the men I’ve met online as this has generated company partnerships too.”

Kelly claims despite what individuals think about her life style option, she’d encourage other people struggling to accomplish the exact same.

“It has offered me and Ariana a lifestyle that is great i would suggest it to anybody.

“I’m maybe perhaps not just a silver digger though, i am just dating these males to better make my life, perhaps perhaps perhaps not because i would like a relationship.”

Kelly and her child Ariana. Image: Caters Information

a lifetime of serial dating

Kelly went on all types of date from a formal supper date to a karaoke club and costs no less than $150 on her behalf time.

“If we see a profile I’m thinking about on WhatsYourPrice i am going to deliver a fee,” she said.

“I’ve attended all kinds of times, one time we went along to a karaoke bar with a man whom actually paid my pal to come with us as well.

“I have actually suggested it to many my buddies despite the fact that i am aware this life style is not for everyone.”

Kelly times strangers at least one time per but claims she is picky with her dates week.

“i am going to just date somebody whenever we have actually things in keeping as there’s no point devoid of such a thing to speak with,” she unveiled.

“They need certainly to recognize that my time is valuable and that we won’t accept any less than $150 bucks for just two hours of my time.

“I always guarantee we meet in a bar that is public restaurant and certainly will inform my buddies where i will be after all times.”

A note of help to single mums 26944

A note of help to mums that are single

A significantly better mum for this

Kelly is adamant she’s going to continue steadily to dating strangers and seems it offers made her a significantly better mum.

“I’m in a position to pay for things given that we won’t have already been able to,” the mum stated.

“Ariana now has most of the college materials and clothing she requires plus it’s all because I’m able up to now strangers for additional cash.”



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